Important Info and FAQs

Important Presentation Information:

- Try to keep bullet points to 35 characters or less.

Glassentation accepts two kinds of notes : paragraphs and lists.

- To use a paragraph, simply type the paragraph. To use a list, put a “+” sign in front of each note. See our Glassentation example pptx file for best practices.

Why can't I use PowerPoint bullets or numbered lists?

- PPTX formatting like bullets and lists cannot be sent to glass. See the next question to learn how to make lists for Glassentation

My slide notes are coming through as one long paragraph!

- If you want a list, put a “+” in front of each note. This will create a list of notes, rather than one long paragraph. (See the example pptx file for best use.)

Why do I hear several 'dings' when my Glassentation bundle arrives?

- Glassentation sends each card with a separate request. In the future, we'll batch these requests so its not quite as noisy!

Why do I see a card that's not the bundle title when my Glassentation package gets to my Glass?

- Just like the question above, Glassentation sends each card with a separate request. So, you are seeing the most recent card delivered to glass. When we update these requests as a batch, this problem will be fixed. For now, 'go back' (by swiping down) out of the card and then re-access the Glassentation bundle... and it will render correctly.

I need my Glass to keep these cards active for a longer period of time!

- We totally agree! Right now, this is a feature request we have sent to Glass. If you like, you can +1 our comment for this feature on G+ here. There is Settings APK that you can install if you know what you're doing, but we recommend waiting for Google to implements this.

How do I pin my Glassentation bundles so they don't move down my timeline?

- If you pin one card in the bundle, the entire bundle will pin. Drill into the main Glassentation bundle and pin any card. Done!

What if my slide is one big picture and I don’t have a title?

- You should still add a Title for your reference on Glass. Add a Title, and place the image over the title so you do not see the Title. Check out the first slide of our example pptx file to see how!

Can I edit my presentation or view my presentation details on the Glassentation website?

- This is actually a feature we are working on currently. Expect more features and updates from Glassentation moving forward.

Can I send my actual presentation to Glassentation, not just the notes?

- Just like the question above.. we agree this is a great idea and are working on it. Glassentation is currently in beta. Check back often to get the latest/greatest features.

Some of my text isn't on my glass card when I run through presentation on Glass.

- You need to “tap” (or select) the card, and a “Read more” option will appear. This is caused when you have more than 5 things in your list or a really long paragraph of text. (For lists, each card will show a maxiumum of 5 items. To see more, click the card.). Check out our Glassentation example pptx file for best practices!

Why is Glassentation listed as a Beta, and why didn’t you add “X” feature?

- We put a lot of thought and effort into this app. We were not paid to create it, nor are we currently profiting from it. We wanted to create something useful and practical for Glass. As such, we deal with real-life time and monetary constraints. If you have a feature request or idea, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll see what we can do. Again, we have several upgrades and additional feature ideas that we look forward to including! Check back soon!